Rooftop tent, 2 layer, All season, Vagabond Home

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High quality rooftop tent designed to withstand the weather elements in all seasons. Engineered by experienced adventurers this hardshell rooftop tent combines unique features to secure your trip in complete comfort. Pitch in seconds and you have your roof set for the night to be the first to enjoy the perfect sunrise. Stay safe from rain, storm and even hail, high above the rocky ground. Grab you pillow and enjoy the outdoors. Mount on car, van or truck no need to worry how late you will get at your destination, your bed is set in seconds.  Compatible with variety of roof-bars. Comfortable for two adults and a child.

Unique features:

  • Quick pitch - few seconds to set with no effort
  • Quiet and economy - unique aerodynamics to reduce noise and fuel consumption
  • 2 x Layers 4 x Season - get the perfect ventilation and insulation
  • Internal lighting - 4 x dimmable lights
  • 12 DC socket
  • Cosy interior design
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Safety system - built-in lock
  • Easy closing
  • Bedding space - keep your bedding set
  • No odor
  • Engineered and manufactured in EU
  • Weight 55kg

Size: 225 x 135 x 160-30 cm

Package includes:

1 x Hard shell rooftop tent

1 x Telescopic Ladder

1 x High quality foam mattress

1 x Mattress sheet

Optional (not included):

1 x Lifting Bed Backrest

1 x Anti-condensation mat


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